Baked Polenta Fries

polenta friesPolenta, the traditional Italian corn porridge, is a thick and hearty staple. It’s made with ground cornmeal, and is a quick option for a gluten-free side dish. With a classic polenta, add your favorite red sauce and some veggie meatballs and you have a filling meal. I often top it with some non-dairy cheese as well.

This week I decided to make a batch of polenta. But I wanted to give it a twist, without spending a whole lot of extra time. So I figured out an easy way to make crispy polenta fries.

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Braised BBQ Tofu

BBQ Tofu

When I see something labeled as ‘barbecue’ flavor, I often recoil a bit.

That’s because I find commercial barbecue sauces waaaay too sweet and thick. They try to be ‘in your face,’ but end up overpowering everything else on the plate.

And sugar? Let’s save that for dessert.

But the slightly sweet-tangy-spicy-smoky flavor combination found in barbecue sauce is nevertheless a good concept.

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Quinoa Vegan Meatballs

vegan meatballs

No one's going to confuse these quinoa vegan meatballs with actual "meat," and that's a good thing. They're substantial, but not too dense. Packed with protein, but not too fatty.You can go traditional, and serve these with pasta noodles, but I … [Continue reading]

Carrot Coconut Soup

carrot coconut soup

I must admit, I sort of take carrots for granted. They're the vegetable I buy and use most often, but I rarely consider making recipes that feature them. Carrots are like the backup singers for so many soups, stir fries and vegetable platters but … [Continue reading]

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

Portobello Mushroom Sandwich

This portobello mushroom sandwich is substantial, savory and tangy from a flavorful vinegar marinade. I love the combination of the chewy mushroom, crunchy veggies and toasted bun. As with most any sandwich, some sliced avocado would be a perfect … [Continue reading]

Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

vegan chocolate hazelnut spread

This was a rare treat for me.I have limited self-control when it comes to having sweets in the house. But I love this recipe for an easy, vegan chocolate hazelnut spread. It's not overly sweet and is versatile enough to be used for breakfast or … [Continue reading]

2015 Year in Review!

2015 Year in Review

Thank you for spending time with me this year! I'm so glad you're here and it's been such a joy connecting with many of you in person and on Skype, email and social media. I’m not much for reflecting on the past (at least when it comes to my blog) … [Continue reading]

Southwest Salad w/ Avocado Dressing

southwest salad

I love avocado in any form: diced on a taco, blended into a green smoothie, mixed into a chocolate dessert or here, as a delicious, creamy dressing for an easy southwest salad.Ready in minutes, this southwest salad is a quick, weeknight option. … [Continue reading]