7 Good Reasons For Bulk Cooking


In addition to incorporating quick-cooking methods and ingredients into my weekly repertoire, I also like to bulk cook on weekends so that I have food for the coming week.

I started bulk cooking when I realized that a busy career, commute and lifestyle wasn’t always compatible with making healthy food from scratch every night. And while I can easily make a meal of steamed vegetables, tortilla chips and pre-made hummus in a pinch, I like to have a few homemade options ready to heat and eat.

Sometimes its just making a big batch of a quinoa salad to have around for the next few days. Other times it’s a soup like my carrot ginger soup or two-bean chili that I’ll make in a larger quantity to freeze.

Why is bulk cooking so awesome? Here are just a few reasons.

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10 Quick-Cooking Ingredients


I often use quick-cooking methods and ingredients to create simple, nutrient-dense meals. Combining a grain, a legume, a vegetable or two and a sauce is a simple way to eat really well. But when you’re making food from scratch, some grains, legumes and vegetables take significantly longer to cook than others. Here’s a list of quick-cooking ingredients to help you enjoy healthy food faster.

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The Good Karma Diet: A Review

The Good Karma Diet

The first time I saw Victoria Moran speak live, I was in awe. It was the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival and despite it being a noisy, bustling event hall jammed with booths, demos, and thousands of visitors, Victoria captivated the room. Weaving … [Continue reading]

How To Clean Up Your Diet

clean up your diet

In many ways a vegan diet is so simple, you can operate on auto-pilot. Enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, grains and seeds every day and you’re basically set. It’s hard to mess it up too much. But with numerous technically vegan, yet … [Continue reading]

Eating With the Seasons

Eating With the Seasons

I often get questions about how to add more variety to your plant-based diet, and one of the best ways I’ve found is to eat with the seasons. Nature has variety built in, and without any extra effort, we can regularly shift our eating to take … [Continue reading]

Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Go Vegan

go vegan

Just a few years ago, you may have looked around in stores and restaurants and noticed just how few vegan options there were. In fact, I would sometimes complain to a friend, “Being vegan is great, but sometimes it’s haaaaarrrrd.” Well, not … [Continue reading]

Overcoming Isolation as a Vegan

overcoming isolation as a vegan

Even though we’re witnessing an exciting and transformational time in veganism and animal rights, you may sometimes feel like the odd person out as a vegan. Perhaps you’re the only vegan in your household, your family or your social circle. There … [Continue reading]

Veganism & Being Mindful

veganism being mindful

The state of mindfulness involves being open, attentive and gently focused on the present moment. It’s a nonjudgmental approach to being aware of your own experiences. Backed by an enormous body of scientific research, mindfulness is exploding in … [Continue reading]