Tofu Vegetable Stir Fry

vegetable stir fry

This is my easy, all-purpose stir fry recipe you can adapt to whatever protein and vegetables you have available.

Instead of tofu, experiment with tempeh or a plant-based meat from Upton’s NaturalsBeyond Meat, Gardein or Tofurky.

For veggies, swap in steamed broccoli, different types of mushrooms, daikon, bok choy or other leafy greens. Just be sure to add the vegetables with longer cooking times to the pan first.

Finally, try this vegetable stir fry with wheat or rice noodles instead of rice, if you like.

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Quick & Easy Lentil Burgers

lentil burgers

One of the biggest complaints I hear about homemade veggie burgers and patties is that they’re dry and crumbly. Happy to report this isn’t an issue with these easy lentil burgers.

The trick? First, I keep patties fairly small. I prefer to tuck 2 or 3 into a pita bread or wrap, rather than one gigantic lentil burger. Secondly, I let formed patties rest in the refrigerator for a few minutes before cooking. Third, I make sure the lentil burgers get browned and crispy on each side, which helps give them structure. Finally, I let them cool in the pan, where they continue to firm up.

These lentil burgers refrigerate and freeze well. They’re on the softer side, so the crunchy romaine adds a nice contrast. Try them with your favorite burger toppings or this tahini dressing recipe.

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White Bean and Tomato Bread Salad

bread salad

One dish meal? Yes, PLEASE!As some of you know, I've been steering clear of bread and pasta. This is mostly because they've repeatedly made me feel terrible. But the occasional high-quality bakery bread (which also tends to be vegan) seems to sit … [Continue reading]

Greek Salad with Tofu Feta

greek salad with tofu feta

This Greek salad features a simple vegan "feta" that's made with tofu. Because the tofu marinates in lots of delicious herbs and seasonings, it acquires a bold, salty flavor that's perfect in this classic recipe. I love the powerful combination … [Continue reading]

Polenta Veggie Bake

polenta veggie bake

This mostly hands-off recipe calls for a couple of time-saving shortcuts. First, there's quick-cooking polenta that's prepared stovetop in under ten minutes. Next, there's jarred marinara sauce (I used Amy's Organic Tomato Basil) that's layered on … [Continue reading]

Free Vegan Meal Plan!

vegan meal plan

I’ll admit it. I’ve been at somewhat of an impasse. After years of article-writing and recipe-creating, I occasionally find myself wondering, “Am I really helping people transition to a vegan lifestyle? Given what I know, as a trained chef and … [Continue reading]

Summer vacation!

summer site

Well, this is a first! I'm taking some time off the blog and the weekly newsletter to enjoy the end of the summer (and my birthday!) and work on some new ideas to share with you. I'll be back to my regular posting schedule the last week of August! … [Continue reading]

Savory Pasta With Chickpeas

pasta with chickpeas

There are a few reasons you don’t see many pasta dishes on this blog. First, I don’t eat very much of it. I’ve been feeling like I’m experiencing some sort of gluten or wheat sensitivity the last couple years, and so I’m often avoiding the pasta … [Continue reading]