Vegan Las Vegas: Trip Recap

vegan las vegas

This past week we enjoyed a few days in Las Vegas, Nevada, somewhere I’d never managed to visit before. I’m not a gambler, but I was excited to go primarily because I’d heard about how friendly the city of Las Vegas has become to vegans in recent years.

We decided to stay at the Encore hotel located on the Strip. Owned by Steve Wynn who went vegan in 2010, he has since introduced vegan options to all of his restaurants in his Wynn and Encore resorts. I’m not sure where else in the world you can have such a vegan-friendly getaway, so I was super excited! We decided to take advantage of as many options as we could in this long weekend.

One noteworthy aspect of our flight to Las Vegas was that illusionists Penn and Teller were seated two rows behind us! They seemed very personable, chatting with other passengers. I later gleaned from billboards all over Las Vegas that they have a long-running show at the Rio Hotel & Casino.

We were a bit jet lagged on arrival but spent time walking around the Wynn and Encore hotels looking at all of the dining options. We ultimately ordered room service as we were fading, and I enjoyed the Country Club Gardein “Steak” Salad with arugula, grape tomatoes, warm fingerling potatoes, crispy onions, vegan “blue cheese” dressing and topped with Gardein steak. Delicious! Gardein products are featured on a lot of the Wynn and Encore restaurant menus and I love that so many people who perhaps haven’t heard of these delicious meat substitutes before are being exposed to them here.

Even the to-go areas of the hotel offered vegan options. We visited the Lobby Bar and Cafe several times and it was no problem getting soy milk for coffee and tea, as well as a vegan chocolate chip muffin. I usually steer clear of muffins, but felt it was necessary for research purposes. ;-) It was fantastic!

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Egg Substitutes in Vegan Cooking

egg substitutes

Eggs can be tricky. It’s simple to find alternatives to a plate of eggs -  a vegetable-packed tofu scramble or a savory chickpea flour omelette comes to mind. But achieving the moist quality of baked goods and other traditionally egg-laden recipes can be difficult for new vegans.

Many people are looking for alternatives to eggs because of their dietary choices, health considerations, or because they simply don’t have a taste for them. The public has also been discovering that factory egg production is notoriously abusive to animals (yes, even the free range ones), and there are few laws in place to protect chickens. This has given rise to a horrifically cruel and filthy industry.

Historically, eggs have been used widely in cooking because of their proteins that contribute to the emulsification, foaming and structural properties of recipes. But whether you’re cooking or baking, there are plenty of outstanding alternatives to using eggs.

Below I’ve shared some ideas for egg substitutes. In some cases, it may make sense to use more than one of these options. For example, you may need the moisture and binding aspects of the black beans and the leavening quality of the flaxseeds in a single recipe. You’ll also want to be mindful of the other flavors in each recipe since not all egg substitutes work well in all recipes. As is often the case in cooking and baking, some experimentation is necessary.

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Vegan Cheese Substitutes That Aren’t Cheese

cheese substitutes

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What Do Vegans Eat? A Week in the Life

what do vegans eat

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How To Deal With Negative People

negative people

Many new vegans struggle with the occasionally unintentional, sometimes minor, but at times very hurtful behavior of friends and family because of their vegan diet. I don’t like to focus too much on the topic of negativity, and I’m fortunate to deal … [Continue reading]

Shopping for Vegan Food Products Online

vegan food products

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My Vegan Cookbooks Are Taking Over

vegan cookbooks

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Sugar Cravings: How To Deal With Them

sugar cravings

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