Why It’s Easier Than Ever To Go Vegan

go vegan

Just a few years ago, you may have looked around in stores and restaurants and noticed just how few vegan options there were. In fact, I would sometimes complain to a friend, “Being vegan is great, but sometimes it’s haaaaarrrrd.”

Well, not anymore!

Between the explosion in vegan recipes and restaurants, and the proliferation of cruelty-free clothing and beauty products, there’s never been a better time to think about going vegan. Here are 5 reasons why aspiring vegans have it easy.

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Overcoming Isolation as a Vegan

overcoming isolation as a vegan

Even though we’re witnessing an exciting and transformational time in veganism and animal rights, you may sometimes feel like the odd person out as a vegan.

Perhaps you’re the only vegan in your household, your family or your social circle. There may be some tension at family meals or social gatherings that draw attention to your vegan lifestyle. And this can sometimes feel a bit annoying, if not draining or isolating.

When I went vegan, I don’t think I had a single vegan friend or acquaintance. And for many new vegans, feelings of isolation can cause people to give up this lifestyle that’s so important to them.

I wanted to share a few strategies for how to stay focused and connected as a vegan. When you encounter the occasional naysayer or experience other types of challenges on your vegan journey, you have habits that help you remain engaged and connected to what’s important to you.

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Veganism & Being Mindful

veganism being mindful

The state of mindfulness involves being open, attentive and gently focused on the present moment. It’s a nonjudgmental approach to being aware of your own experiences. Backed by an enormous body of scientific research, mindfulness is exploding in … [Continue reading]

What Vegan Coaching Is Really Like

vegan coaching

Ever since I learned about Main Street Vegan Academy’s vegan lifestyle coaching certification program a couple of years ago, I knew it was the thing for me. I had been vegan for quite awhile, am a trained chef, and had been running Homemade Levity … [Continue reading]

How To Eat More Vegetables

eat more vegetables

Many people start out going vegan by quitting meat and dairy ‘cold tofu.’ One day they wake up and it’s plant-based eating from then on. But for others, a gradual dial down of animal products is in order. The problem is, when you eliminate animal … [Continue reading]

3 Ways To Move Toward Veganism

move toward veganism

For many people, a vegan lifestyle starts with food. Whether we do it for health reasons, for the animals or the environment, our dietary choices are a big part of how we identify ourselves. But once we figure out how to navigate restaurants, … [Continue reading]

How To Eat Vegan In Different Cuisines

how to eat vegan in different cuisines site

It used to be that when contemplating dining out as a vegan, people would recommend, “Eat before you leave the house.” That’s just depressing, not to mention, totally unnecessary. I like going out to eat. A lot. And most of the time, my dining … [Continue reading]

Light Bulb Moments In Going Vegan

going vegan lightbulb moments

There are moments in going vegan that people often describe as: Something just clicked. A switch was flipped. A light bulb went on. Suddenly, I got it. I love these descriptions because they add a bit of drama to a story, and they refer to … [Continue reading]