How To Eat More Vegetables

eat more vegetables

Many people start out going vegan by quitting meat and dairy ‘cold tofu.’ One day they wake up and it’s plant-based eating from then on. But for others, a gradual dial down of animal products is in order.

The problem is, when you eliminate animal products, you need something to replace them with. Otherwise you’ll go hungry! Eliminating foods also creates a perception that a vegan diet is about deprivation, which is so not true.

Simply enjoying more fruits and vegetables in your diet is a great way to introduce plant-based habits into your eating. It also helps increase your comfort level in shopping and preparing these foods. When you’re ready to let go of animal products, you’ll already be equipped with vegan options.

Eating more plants is tasty and satisfying. And then there’s the disease-fighting antioxidants. But it also needs to be easy. Here are three ways with simple recipes to add more plants:

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3 Ways To Move Toward Veganism

move toward veganism

For many people, a vegan lifestyle starts with food. Whether we do it for health reasons, for the animals or the environment, our dietary choices are a big part of how we identify ourselves.

But once we figure out how to navigate restaurants, discover tasty non-dairy cheese and learn how to cook our grains and legumes in bulk, we realize there are other aspects of veganism to explore.

Here are three ways to go beyond food and connect with your veganism in other areas of your life.

1. Update your household and personal care products

In the last couple years, I’ve been replacing many of my frequently-used items with cruelty-free and vegan options. This includes everything from cleaning products to makeup. It only takes a moment of research to verify that what you’re buying is truly vegan and cruelty free.  Leaping Bunny has a helpful list of household products indicating which ones aren’t tested on animals. I use the Mrs. Meyer’s and Method brands, and all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free.

I love discovering new beauty products through Petit Vour and Vegan Cuts. The website Logical Harmony also maintains a great (and long!) list of of beauty brands that are both cruelty-free and vegan. You’ll find not only do you have a lot of options, but many are reasonably-priced and widely available. And like your meal, your beauty doesn’t have to come at the expense of animals.

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How To Eat Vegan In Different Cuisines

how to eat vegan in different cuisines site

It used to be that when contemplating dining out as a vegan, people would recommend, “Eat before you leave the house.” That’s just depressing, not to mention, totally unnecessary. I like going out to eat. A lot. And most of the time, my dining … [Continue reading]

Light Bulb Moments In Going Vegan

going vegan lightbulb moments

There are moments in going vegan that people often describe as: Something just clicked. A switch was flipped. A light bulb went on. Suddenly, I got it. I love these descriptions because they add a bit of drama to a story, and they refer to … [Continue reading]

Thai Edamame Salad

edamame salad

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Roasted Vegetable Strudel Recipe

vegetable strudel top

Many people don’t realize that store-bought frozen phyllo dough is simply a mix of wheat flour, water and a bit of salt. It’s totally vegan and a versatile ingredient for creating easy and elegant savory and sweet recipes.My Spicy Swiss Chard and … [Continue reading]

Gardein Fishless Tacos

gardein fish tacos side

Gardein Fishless Filets may be my favorite of the Gardein product line. They're super convenient to grab from the freezer on a busy weeknight, and I love the slightly greasy, crispy batter and the flaky inside texture. It's not exactly like a real … [Continue reading]

Beet Smoothie with Orange & Fennel

beet smoothie

I've come around to enjoying beets, but until now, haven't prepared them very often. It's mostly the mess factor, where pink juice seems to splatter everywhere in my tiny white kitchen as soon as I even think about the vegetable. But there's no … [Continue reading]