How To Deal With Negative People

negative people

Many new vegans struggle with the occasionally unintentional, sometimes minor, but at times very hurtful behavior of friends and family because of their vegan diet. I don’t like to focus too much on the topic of negativity, and I’m fortunate to deal with very little of it myself directly. That said, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about my diet, so I barely recognize or acknowledge it in the first place.

Why is it that changing your diet can turn some people around you so negative, or even hostile? It’s partly that food is so central to our relationships that a change to food can (in some people’s minds) represent a shift, or even loss of a relationship.

But by going vegan, we’re eating vegetables, not taking a vow of silence, swearing off communication technologies and moving to the North Pole.

Still, your diet may upset people for whatever reason. So I wanted to share a few ideas to help keep things in perspective if you’re faced with someone who isn’t so welcoming of your food choices.

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Shopping for Vegan Food Products Online

vegan food products

Do you ever wish you could add some extra spice, novelty or pizzazz to your vegan diet?

You may try some new spices. Perhaps you introduce some new seasonal vegetables to your salads. Maybe you experiment with some different recipes. And yet, you crave an extra something.

As I often mention, you don’t need to shop anywhere but your local grocery store in order to get everything you need to thrive on a vegan diet.

But I’m regularly intrigued by the exciting vegan products being introduced to the market all the time. Many are from small producers who create inspiring, delicious foods that are changing the landscape of plant-based cuisine. And they’re serving an exponentially growing group of people looking for interesting and tasty vegan products.

Luckily there are quite a few online sources that specialize in vegan, cruelty-free and fair-labor products that will ship right to your doorstep!

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My Vegan Cookbooks Are Taking Over

vegan cookbooks

If you visit my apartment, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of cookbooks stashed on shelves and piled on tabletops. It’s hard to resist a beautifully designed cookbook packed with untold delicious vegan recipes. I convince myself that when I … [Continue reading]

Sugar Cravings: How To Deal With Them

sugar cravings

I’ve always had a big-time sweet tooth. As soon as I had pocket money as a kid, the first things I bought were Twinkies, Devil Dogs and heavy metal cassettes. Not the most thoughtful investment strategy, but they made me happy. I probably would … [Continue reading]

Is Vegan Cooking More Time Consuming?

vegan cooking

One concern I hear from new vegans is that cooking seems to take up more of their time than before. And while now I’d say, “Noooo, vegan cooking actually takes LESS time,” I have to acknowledge how these people are feeling. In fact, I felt the exact … [Continue reading]

Eating Vegan In Restaurants

eating vegan

Last weekend I went out with several of my Main Street Vegan Coaching alumni here in New York City. It’s a great group where we share not only what’s going on in life and business, but discuss food, recipes and great places to dine. Since it’s NYC … [Continue reading]

Are You Too Busy To Be Vegan?

too busy to be vegan

OK, you talked me into it. I get so many questions every single week from people who want to be vegan but feel it’s time-consuming or labor intensive. I hear things like:How do you quickly and easily put together healthy meals after a long, … [Continue reading]

Raw Food: Yay or Nay?

raw food - yay or nay

In warmer months, I find myself eating more of a raw food diet. Now you may say, “Whoooaaa, isn’t that a little extreme? Vegan is one thing, but raw?!?!?” Sure, there are some folks who follow a 100% raw food diet. But for most people, myself … [Continue reading]