What Do Vegans Eat? A Week in the Life

what do vegans eat

Occasionally I like to reflect on what I’m eating by keeping track of my meals for a week. I’m not obsessive about it, but one thing I’ve found is that when you write down everything you eat, you can clearly see patterns, things you’re doing well, and possibly room for improvement.

So, what do vegans eat? I’m always sort of interested in what other vegans are eating. Not the super fancy stuff that I don’t have time to make, but the foods people eat day-in, day-out that keep them going. So I thought I’d share with you my relatively mundane food for a typical ‘week in the life’ of a busy vegan who has only small windows of time to cook.

First, a few notes:

  • I bring my lunch with me at least 3 days a week so that’s usually a gigantic salad
  • I’m hardcore about carrying snacks. Lately it’s been Health Warrior chia seed bars. I buy them by the case.
  • I drink tons of water and seltzer with lime or lemon all day long
  • I don’t mind eating the same or similar things every day. In fact, I kind of like it!
  • I rely on restaurants with vegan options and prepared foods when I’m on the go, especially lately
  • I’m trying to keep the sweets in moderation(?) but I definitely indulge!
  • I try to remember to take a B12 supplement, but I sometimes forget
  • As you’ll see, I’m not going hungry :-)

Would my eating make a dietician fidget nervously? Possibly. There’s always room for improvement. But this isn’t meant to be a model plan for you to follow. Everyone’s different and will find satisfaction in different combinations of foods. I simply wanted to show you what a week of happy vegan eating looks like, in case you’ve ever asked, “What do vegans eat?”

Try paying closer attention to what you’re eating, even for a few days. I guarantee you’ll notice some interesting patterns!

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How To Deal With Negative People

negative people

Many new vegans struggle with the occasionally unintentional, sometimes minor, but at times very hurtful behavior of friends and family because of their vegan diet. I don’t like to focus too much on the topic of negativity, and I’m fortunate to deal with very little of it myself directly. That said, I couldn’t care less what anyone thinks about my diet, so I barely recognize or acknowledge it in the first place.

Why is it that changing your diet can turn some people around you so negative, or even hostile? It’s partly that food is so central to our relationships that a change to food can (in some people’s minds) represent a shift, or even loss of a relationship.

But by going vegan, we’re eating vegetables, not taking a vow of silence, swearing off communication technologies and moving to the North Pole.

Still, your diet may upset people for whatever reason. So I wanted to share a few ideas to help keep things in perspective if you’re faced with someone who isn’t so welcoming of your food choices.

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vegan food products

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vegan cookbooks

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sugar cravings

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vegan cooking

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eating vegan

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Are You Too Busy To Be Vegan?

too busy to be vegan

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